QR Code Software

QR codes are intricate symbols that have encoded messages, links or contact information embedded on them. QR code software is needed in order to create and view QR codes and its information. QR code software includes applications that are downloaded on smartphones, QR code readers for handsets and smartphones, as well as all the generating websites and programs that can be downloaded. QR code software is essential for creating and executing QR codes correctly.

It is also necessary in order for the QR code to be scanned and deciphered so the information embedded into the QR code can be read. QR code scanners is a type of software that can easily be downloaded onto a smartphone or on your home computer. There are a lot of different types of QR code scanners, so it helps to read up on the scanner first before downloading it to your phone. Some QR code scanners are more appropriate for iPhones, while others may work better on a Blackberry.

Here is a list of QR code software that you can use to help you read and make your own QR codes!

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For Mobile Phones:


Kawa reader

I-nigma reader



QR Code

Quickmark WebCam


Kaywa generator

Quickmark DIY




Perl and PHP

Processing library